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A hardworking international

27 June 2016

Anne-Sophie and Rik took part in the international show jumping of Bonheiden with eight of their horses.

The Holsteiner mare, Cassamoon (alias Casallina) realised a good entry into the Young Horses classes reserved to six-year-old horses. She made first a perfect round and then completed two courses with four points. “I’m very pleased with her first six-year-old Grand Prix because it’s a mare who is still young in the work but jumped well.” (ASHG)

The seven-year-old horses confirmed their abilities on the arena. JarpurJule de Lauzelle and Jewel van’t Eigenlo all completed two clear round. In the Grand Prix Top 7, Jarpur and Jule de Lauzelle let a bar fallen and Jewel van’t Eigenlo qualified for the jump-off which enabled him to rank twelfth. “The young horses listened closely to us and seem to have gain a certain maturity.” (RH)

For Bretling du Paradis Z, the choice has been made to register him in smaller classes in order to perfect some adjustments and train the horse with less pressure. It has worked since the horse finished two courses without penalties (1.35m). “I like to bring my horse on smallest classes sometimes. Thus, they can gain experience without jumping too high. This jumping confirms that Bretling is ready for Knokke.” (RH)

Ulyss Morinda lacked luck on courses quoted in 1.40m since he let a bar rolling each day. However, he has not proved unworthy and satisfied his rider. “Ulyss is full of trust. I had good a feeling with him on the arena.” (RH)

Anne-Sophie’s mare, Ilka van de Kiezel, pleasantly surprised her rider with nice classes. “The behavior of the mare on the arena really pleased me. She seems to be in a good dynamic.” (ASHG)

Finally, Carlitto van’t Zorgvliet got the sixth place of a class counting for the Longines Ranking List. “Carlitto made a good beginning on the show jumping. It’s a pity that a problem with the bridle disturbed us on the arena the last day.”

Next weekend the couple and their horses will be at the international of Knokke.

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