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Loenhout national was conclusive

23 June 2016

Anne-Sophie and Rik went together at the national show jumping of Loenhout this weekend.

Registered on classes at 1.25m, Vip du Tintia, Déesse de la Sure and Il Mio van’t Eigenlo all realized a double clear round on Saturday. The next day, Vip du Tintia let a bar fallen which deprived him from the jump-off. “Despite his little mistake, Vip jumped well and was careful.” The two other horses of Rik qualified for the jump-off. Déesse de la Sure ranks thanks to a perfect course and Il Mio van’t Eigenlo made a mistake because of a risk taking in order to try the horse on different type of options. “Those are two horses with a great future which confirm their quality for jumping.”

At the departure of a class quoted in 1.35m on Saturday, Jarvi de Sclef illustrated through a double clear round which enables him to rank. “Jarvi jumped very well. He seems to be ready for Knokke international that will take place in two weeks.”

Concerning Conrad, the last horse registered with Rik, he evolved well on courses quoted in 1.35m/1.40m even if the couple is still to built. “A slight misunderstanding on the arena prevents us from a perfect round but, with training, that will soon be better and the horse will gain in efficacy.”

Anne-Sophie presented Vidretta M de Bellignies and Jarpur on classes quoted in 1.25m/1.30m. Both horses completed a perfect round on Saturday and qualified the next day for the jump-off they finished respectively with 4 points and without penalty. “I’m very pleased with them. Vidretta was quieter than the previous week. Concerning Jarpur, he was exemplary.”

Finally, her BWP mare, Ilka van de Kiezel, is still sensitive but she behaved well on the arena. “Show jumping after show jumping we strengthen the basis of the mare which are already strong. She listened also more closely to me.”

Next week, we will find the couple in Bonheiden for the YH/3* CSI.